Agreed standards and benchmarks for green building allow us to objectively assess just how “green” a building is. Rating systems provide a menu of green measures that can be used in the design, construction and management of a building to make it more sustainable.

There are several rating systems, including LEED from the US, BREEAM from the UK and Green Star from Australia. Being a member of The Green Building Council SA, we use their Green Star South Africa rating system, based on the Australian system and customised for the South African context.

Building owners submit documentation to us for the Green Building Council SA to achieve a Green Star SA rating. They employ independent assessors to evaluate submissions and allocate points based on the green measures that have been implemented. Certification is awarded for 4-Star, 5-Star or 6-Star Green Star SA ratings.

Each Green Star SA rating tool reflects a different market sector:

including office, retail, multi-unit residential, public and education buildings, as well as others that are in development like interiors and existing buildings performance .

The objectives of Green Star SA tools are to:
• Establish a common language and standard of measurement for green buildings
• Promote integrated, whole-building design
• Raise awareness of the benefits of green building
• Recognise environmental leadership
• Reduce the environmental impact of development